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How to Break Free From People Pleasing & Codependent Relationships

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

I used to be a people pleaser. Living consciously has just recently opened my eyes to some of the things that were keeping me stuck in co-dependent and toxic relationships; and drawing me into new ones.

It has not been an easy road, but please know I am not complaining, as I have learned so much. I feel drawn to share this video with you today. Hopefully sharing my lessons here will offer some useful insights to those who most need it.

We all have a choice every single day. Make a conscious choice to focus on releasing fear and control; with a view to break free from co-dependency and establish a much firmer foundation. In doing so you are intentionally moving towards a much more stable, happy, grounded and authentic life.

Hopefully this video helps. Visit to donate, and help me keep doing what I am doing. Thank you and I wish you so many blessings in your journey.

This content is created by Rachel Reeves, who has always been a deep thinker. She previously played the supporting role in the lives of those around her, and very much held back on sharing this gift fully with other's. This is Rachel stepping very much out of her comfort zone, into what she now knows to be her inner calling, and sharing her thoughts with the world.


This video and article is intended to support self-growth, but the information provided is to be taken as personal opinion only. Feel free to take what resonates, but use your own inner-wisdom and guidance when doing so -- you know yourself much better than anybody else ever will. The information provided is to be in no way regarded as Medical, Legal, or Financial Advice. Please seek professional advice where needed. Thank you.

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