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Our Own Little World – It’s Okay to Be Different | The Black Sheep

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Imagine a world where everybody was the same...

Would this mean there would also be no consciousness? Because I'm not sure I see much point in consciousness if we were all exactly the same... and approached life in a robotic way.

We are all uniquely different - some more than others. There is so much beauty within this. Why then, do we seem to suggest to people that we want them to be just the same?

Why can't we celebrate that we are all alive and on this journey together? We learn from each others differences. We learn how to become a better self, simply because we have a gigantic well of knowledge to draw from - due to there being so much diversity in this world.

It's time to celebrate our differences, including our differences in religion, race, gender preference etc. Why get judgy when all each of us really wants is to be seen, heard and to fit somewhere in this weird mixed up world.

Watch the short video for more thoughts on this topic (or read the transcript below):

We create our own little world within ourselves. It can become difficult for that person who feels they are “different”. Is it good or bad to be different? Although I have always felt different, I quite honestly don’t think I’m better than anybody else. To be honest, this inner knowing that I am different has caused me quite low self-esteem in the past. I have had many moments where I have wished I was the same as everybody else… as then perhaps I would feel a sense of belonging within this world. But it turns out I am different; and I have finally found peace in that.

Authenticity for me is everything, but at the same time it is taking all my strength to reach a place where I am unconditionally accepting of who I am and what I stand for. For me, going with the flow, also means pushing past my fears – and speaking my truth even though I’m not sure how another person is going to take it.

I created this world within me that was filled with burdens, pain, and struggles. Some of us carry a duality that says that we must be authentic, yet at the same time we feel drawn to become what society seemingly wants us to be. When a person carries this duality as their badge of honour it creates an unhelpful confusion within their being.

I was sitting with these confusing emotions in the energy of the super moon; and I chose to embrace them as part of who I am. To pretend like they are not there is to pretend that I am not there. To push them aside would mean to abandon and reject myself. I choose to look at them, although it hurts very deeply. We all have the ability to soothe ourselves and cradle our inner child within our arms as we heal; but we must first learn to be accepting and open to our emotions.

People at the surface level might think that everything is fine – and quite honestly for me I am okay.

I am simply going through another rollercoaster of emotions. I have sat within my shadow so much within this lifetime, that over time I have become somewhat familiar and comfortable with it. I have accepted this ‘melancholy’ as a part of who I am. But over time it has become obvious to me that nobody actually knows what another is going through underneath the surface.

We come across certain people at different stages in our life that seem to understand us slightly better than anybody else seems to. Perhaps they have walked a similar road at some point. But as life continues to play out, it becomes obvious that the only shoes we have walked and will ever walk are our own. Even if we have gone through some of the same experiences as another; they add their own personality and journey to the mix, that makes their own personal experience unique – and something that will forever shape who they are and who they will become.

I am starting to appreciate the beauty within our differences. There is beauty whether these differences are small, or large. If you are one of those beautiful souls that resonates with the term “black sheep,” please recognise yourself as blessing. Those who feel most different are here to offer some really useful insight to those who they come in contact with. They are here to question this thing we call conformity and break generational curses. They are here to take us to a whole new level. There seems to be this nuance that it is bad to be the black sheep, when the black sheep actually offers such amazing value within this world.

Take a moment now to appreciate your own value if you consider yourself the black sheep, or to appreciate those around you that you see as different.

This content is created by Rachel Reeves, who has always been a deep thinker. She previously played the supporting role in the lives of those around her, and very much held back on sharing this gift fully with other's. This is Rachel stepping very much out of her comfort zone, into what she now knows to be her inner calling, and sharing her thoughts with the world.


This video and article is intended to support self-growth, but the information provided is to be taken as personal opinion only. Feel free to take what resonates, but use your own inner-wisdom and guidance when doing so -- you know yourself much better than anybody else ever will. The information provided is to be in no way regarded as Medical, Legal, or Financial Advice. Please seek professional advice where needed. Thank you.

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