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The Hypocrite

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Be mindful of the confusion instilled in you by the hypocrite.

BUT also be ready to recognise the hypocrite within you and hold yourself accountable in those moments.

I think probably every single one of us has either knowingly or unknowingly been the hypocrite at times. None of us are perfect. We all stuff up.

It's important that we are mindful of creating a culture where we hot foot it out of there at the very first sign of conflict.

What if we spend the best part of our life closing our heart off to and avoiding getting close to anybody, for fear we might attract more of the same?

Know you deserve better and trust there is something better around the corner.

Also understand that there is no possibility of attracting better, unless you are first willing to dip your toe in.

Speak up when people first hurt you.

By way of their response and reactions, you will start to see who belongs in your tribe.

Once you focus on your own self-love and self-care you will notice as some people stand out to you. It will likely be those who validate your emotions, who seek to understand who you are at your very core - and seek to do the right thing for you.

It's not likely that they will be able to show up for you perfectly every time, but you'll notice that they show up in a way that generally feels right and good.

Just some thoughts. Take what is helpful and leave the rest. Love and peace to you today, my friend!

This content is created by Rachel Reeves, who has always been a deep thinker. She previously played the supporting role in the lives of those around her, and very much held back on sharing this gift fully with other's. This is Rachel stepping very much out of her comfort zone, into what she now knows to be her inner calling, and sharing her thoughts with the world.


This video and/or article is intended to support self-growth, but the information provided is to be taken as personal opinion only. Feel free to take what resonates, but use your own inner-wisdom and guidance when doing so -- you know yourself much better than anybody else ever will. The information provided is to be in no way regarded as Medical, Legal, or Financial Advice. Please seek professional advice where needed. Thank you.

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