Note: All Chevron Amethyst Hearts are slightly different. The one you will receive will be unique, and will be intuitively selected.


Chevron Amethyst is a combination of White Quartz and Amethyst. Following are some Common Healing Properties of Chevron Amethyst:


  • Highly protective
  • Strengthens intuitive guidance
  • Promotes spiritual / self-growth & development
  • Helps balance out emotions.
  • Offers peace, calm and clarity during times of stress / confusion.
  • Helps with drive, motivation and inspiration.
  • Promotes strength, discipline and the willpower to move forward with your plans.
  • Helps to treat alcoholism and other forms of addictions.
  • Helps dispel laziness, procrastination, anger, fear, grief, sadness, negativity and co-dependency.



Chevron Amethyst Heart 30mm

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