A pendulum can be a useful tool for asking questions; and receiving guidance and understanding. A pendulum will swing back and forth, or in a circle (clock-wise or anti clockwise).


Dragon Blood Jasper is best used through meditation. When you direct your intentions into the stone, you're said to absorb it's energy and healing properties. It is known to:


  • offers protection
  • ignites creativity
  • fosters self love
  • increase strength and endurance
  • boosts focus and clarity
  • encourages forgiveness
  • increases resilience
  • helps with grounding


It helps release shyness, self doubt and insecurities; and is believed to give warriors the courage of a dragon.


It helps open the heart chakra; and balances the masculine and feminine energies. It is also known for bringing more life to the root chakra; by drawing positive and nurturing from the Earth into a persons root chakra. This helps heighten a person's energy levels; and supports strength, enthusiasm, self love and endurance. 


Dragon Blood Jasper is known to be particularly powerful when paired with Labradorite, which is known as a talisman of the Dragon's hearts. Labradorite is known to strengthen intuition and pyschic abilities. Labradorite would therefore be particularly helpful to have with you when using your Dragons Blood Jasper Pendulum. Wonderstone promotes also pairs well with Dragon Blood Jasper; and promotes calmness and wellness.

Dragons Blood Jasper Pendulum

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