As each crystal is unique and different, the crystals you will personally receive will differ slightly from the one's that are pictured. The drawstring bag may be the same, or may differ.


The combination of these three stones may be helpful in meditation, or for those who are having trouble sleeping.


Rose Quartz, Chevron Amethyst and Moonstone are known to be maternal stones; which means they will likely be helpful in providing the energetic support that Mother's might be needing.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known to be particularly good for encouraging unconditional love; and restoring trust, harmony and balance within relationships. It is said to foster peace, love and deep-inner healing; and promote self-love and love for others. It is a calming stone in connection with the heart chakra.


Chevron Amethyst

Amethyst is known to offer protection, relieve stress and irritability, support emotional balance and foster spiritual wisdom. It is also said to clear out anger, fear and anxiety. Amethyst is known to open the crown chakra; and is great for use in meditation.


The fact it is Chevron Amethyst means it has a White Quartz banding, which adds to the power of the amethyst. White Quartz is said to hold and amplify intention - and at the same time it offers a calming and peaceful energy. It also supports the clearing of stagnation, and encourages balance.


Rainbow Moonstone

A wonderful crystal for self growth and healing, moonstone is known to be a stone for "new beginnings". It is a calming and nurturing stone that is said to help with the digestive system, PMS and fertility. It is thought to bring harmony, balance, confidence, endurance, compassion, creativity; and strengthen ones psychic awareness and intuition. Rainbow Moonstone is known to activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Rose Quartz, Chevron Amethyst & Moonstone

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